A Harry Browne Article : The Future is not Hopeless ( That Is For Libertarianism)

Dear Everyone;

Harry Browne has a good article on Lew Rockwell: The Future Is Not Hopeless. Below is an excerpt about what you can do. The full article is at:


Are You the One?

E.B. White, the author of children�s books, once said (slightly paraphrased):

As long as there is one honest man, as long as there is one upright woman, the future is not hopeless, because the contagion may spread.

If you�re that honest man or that upright woman, the future isn�t hopeless, because your example may inspire others.

If you speak up when you have the chance � calling into radio shows, writing letters to the editor, participating in Internet forums, just talking with friends or business associates without sacrificing your position � the future isn�t hopeless, because you never know who will hear or read your words.

You may say just the right thing to finally bring around someone who�s close to crossing the line to active libertarianism � someone with far more resources, far more talent, far more skills, or far more influence than you have � someone who has the ability to multiply your efforts a hundred or a thousand times over, just because of who he is.

No, you can�t change America all by yourself. Neither can you do so just by wishing for it. But you might be the one who inspires one or more people who can make an enormous difference.

Are you that honest man, that upright woman? If you are, the future is not hopeless.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian