A Grudging Xmas Present from DOJ - Program Incentivizing Cops to Steal is Ended

While the grinches at the TSA gave the public a lump of coal, bigwigs at the Dept of (In)justice were more generous (although the real credit goes to Congress, or at least its more sensible members, for cutting their budget!).

  The Washington Post reports that they have reluctantly ended, at least for now, the misnamed "equitable-sharing" program, that helps police keep more of the ill-gotten proceeds of their civil asset forfeiture seizures than they would otherwise be allowed to do under state laws:


  "Civil asset forfeiture", of course, is itself a euphemism for legalized robbery. Many victims are never even charged with a crime, but face the legal burden of proving they -- or their property -- were not involved in criminal activity in order to have it returned to them, an upending of the fundamental basis of any fair system of justice, the principle of innocent until proven guilty.

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