9/12 rally in Washington D.C.

While it is clear to all of us that the media can't be trusted, you will note that the clip linked below was removed from the site, and that is why the link no longer works. Be mindful that the clip which has been removed was from Fox News, and the person in the background who was leading the chanting and cheering has been identified as a Fox News producer (though this is not indicated in the clip).

Much of the rally was genuine outrage by Tea Party activists and libertarian-leaning conservatives, but the media coverage of the event was largely orchestrated by Fox News, and their wild claims about the size of the crowd simply cannot be trusted, as no other network has been able to verify anywhere near a million participants. This is demonstrated by their rapid removal of the fraudulent news clip from YouTube almost immediately after it was proven that the coverage of this particular part of the rally was an event heavily promoted by Fox News, and proven by this clip to have been staged just for the Fox cameras.