86% of New Yorkers Who Died With Chinese Virus Had Other Illnesses, Conditions

No surprise here, and doctors are being told to write CV as the cause of death, regardless of whether the patient had even been tested, and even if the true cause was something else. These days it is simply presumed to be CV, to inflate the numbers and whip up and maintain the hysteria.


No, they are not being told to write CV for everything. Doctors are being told to write CV if they suspect CV, for example, because they died from pneumonia or cytokine storm.

As expected, COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the US. It is not a hoax. It’s absurd that some libertarians still believe the government’s nonsensical “hoax” story even after the government itself abandoned it.

1,940 people died yesterday from CV, and 1,971 died the day before [1]. In 2017, the leading cause of death in the US was heart disease, at 647,457 deaths [2], or an average of 1,773 per day.

In 2017, influenza and pneumonia (combined) were the 8th leading cause of death with 55,672 deaths, or an average of 153 per day, or an average of 449 if you assume everyone dies within flu season and average over only 4 months.

Everything I read says that is the furthest thing from the truth.

It's important to use reliable sources of information and think critically about what yout reads. The link you shared is from InfoWars, which is an outlet for, e.g., chemtrails conspiracy theories.

[1] https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
[2] https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/leading-causes-of-death.htm