701 Lombard Street Eminent Domain Update

Bad news -- new Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier voted with Peskin, Daly, Gonzalez, Maxwell, McGoldrick, Ammiano and Sandoval, giving them the super-majority they needed to enable the city to confiscate the land belonging to Brian O'Flynn and his partner via eminent domain.

  The proceedings took less than an hour, and the Board acted without allowing public comment. Now the matter will have to be pursued in court. I've encouraged Brian to seek help from the libertarian public interest law firm Institute for Justice, and he sounds like he will follow up with them. He'd already filed an action in Superior Court today before the decision came down, relating to the permits for the development. Brian also said my suggestion of starting a local chapter of IJ's "Castle Coalition," a group formed to fight eminent domain, was "a good idea."

  After a representative from the city attorney's office made some reference in previous testimony to 12 cases, Brian was able to get them to produce some records for his inspection. He's invited me to go with him to look at them when he makes copies. He says most of them relate to people forced out by the expansion of the Moscone Center. If I understand correctly, they told him that there were no records of anything more than three years ago; supposedly such records aren't retained longer than that. It sounds fishy to me. But any records of eminent domain actions we can get our hands on should yield a group of individuals who are rather disgruntled with local government.

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Thanks for the update and for continuing to help Brian. I didn't have time to go to the meeting, but I taped the vote on channel 26. Watching it was sickening.