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This is Trump propaganda. The author replaces the coroner's medical facts with his own clam that he has "yet to hear any reports". In fact, COVID-19 causes blood clots which sometimes cause strokes and seizures. The media has reported this, too. I believe the first known fatality in California is still a women who was at first thought to have had a heart attack.
The government demands that communities open the schools are horribly tyrannical and oppressive. Parents go to jail and lose their children if they do not force them to attend school. Opening the schools is not like opening the bars. The kids have no choice. They have almost no rights. If they keep staying away from the unhealthy environment, their parents get locked up.
Harland Harrison

It’s over by the end of August…and in any case, statistically the fatality rate in that age group is hardly worth mentioning. Probably less likely than drowning in a bucket.



I read the article and disagree. Handley says the death curve "is the same shape going up and coming down" to make his prediction. Yet, every real curve he shows is asymmetrical, taking much, much longer to come down than to go up. The reason is obvious; every society had taken some measures to slow the spread of the virus.
This is part of a continuous stream of misinformation coming from liars who are telling investors what they want to hear. A lot of money is being lost. So pretend it is not happening: "It will go away, like things go away".
Of course my 10-year-old grandson will not die from the virus; but I am an old dog and he could bring home a germ that would kill me. The government will lock up my daughter, if he is "truant". She is on their school COVID committee. What should I tell her? Is the Libertarian position that the government should go back to forcing kids into classrooms despite the health risk?
Harland Harrison

As mentioned, the health risk is barely above that of the dangers of taking transportation to school. No, we shouldn’t force anyone to go to school. But we also shouldn’t be terrifying kids with boogie men. And let them go to school if they want to.

Regarding you Harlan, make sure you take your vitamin D and zinc. And self-quarantine if you feel it is needed. You own your own health.


Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates
Patients with severe deficiency are twice as likely to experience major complications
May 7, 2020
Northwestern University
Researchers analyzed patient data from 10 countries. The team found a correlation between low vitamin D levels and hyperactive immune systems. Vitamin D strengthens innate immunity and prevents overactive immune responses. The finding could explain several mysteries, including why children are unlikely to die from COVID-19.

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What is vitamin D and zinc supposed to do before I have COVID? Supposedly vitamin D reduces cytokines when the virus invades the lungs, a theory which the article essentially confirms.
Why should I quarantine? I am not sick, (yet). The sick people should be quarantined, but we don't know who they are. We don't know who has the virus because the government controls the testing and doesn't allow enough of it. Thousands of educational labs can physically perform PCR tests, but are not permitted by the government to test people.

I don't know why the government should be paying for dangerous schools to let kids "go to school if they want to".

Harland Harrison

You were acting worried about your vulnerable state….the solution for that is to self-isolate. You said “but I am an old dog and he could bring home a germ that would kill me"

Regarding Vitamin D, see study below. People with high levels of vitamin D don’t exhibit symptoms. People with low levels get sick and die.

Regarding zinc….see this. https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200714/Researchers-review-scientific-articles-on-the-role-of-zinc-in-COVID-19-prevention.aspx

Define “dangerous” schools.


Here’s a coronavirus graph with vital information:

Rate of Mortality and Symptoms Given Different Levels of Vitamin D

Studies performed in Germany and conducted for Dr. Bernd Glauner and
Lorenz Borsche with 780 patients with COVID-19 gave the following results:

Vitamin D below 17 ng/mL: 100% deaths
Vitamin D above 34 ng/mL: Zero deaths
Vitamin D above 60 ng/mL: Symptoms of the coronavirus
Vitamin D above 80 ng/mL: No symptoms

As one can see, there were no deaths from the coronavirus at vitamin D blood concentrations above 34 ng/ml<https://borsche.de/res/Vitamin_D_Essentials_EN.pdf>. And there were no symptoms at all from the virus if your blood levels are above 80 ng/ml.

The graph below provides the same information in Portuguese as in English above: