7) Firm repays government loan with earthworms

"An Indian agricultural company is repaying a debt owed to a state
government body in earthworms. The worms will allow Uttar Pradesh
Agro to repay about �65,000 it had borrowed from the Cow Welfare
Commission. .... Its unusual offer was accepted after it told the
Commission it would struggle to make conventional repayments."



This is Starchild typing from Raphael's account. As some of you have heard, my computer has crashed -- badly. The hard drive won't mount and I have to try to get the information on it back via a data retrieval company which is very expensive. Remember to back up your data! 8(

Oops, that email was not meant to be sent yet. Anyway, what I was writing about is the new film "Matrix Reloaded." The first Matrix was a stunning piece of anti-establishment cinematography, and I've been eagerly awaiting the sequel. I thought about seeing it when I was in Hawaii last week, but decided it would be more fun to try to get a group of libertarians together to watch it and discuss the film afterward. We've been talking about wanting to do more social events, and this is a tailor-made opportunity.

Kelly recommends the Coronet theater on Geary because it's got a single screen in a beautiful old movie house. Raphael and I are thinking this coming Tuesday evening at 730pm. Then afterward go to a cafe or something and chat about it. Let us know if this works for you or if you'd like to see the film with us but can't make it at this time.

Yours in liberty,
                               <<< Starchild >>>

Alona and I might be able to make it this Tuesday.
What time?

Dave Barker

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