5) Miniluv sues We the People

I have been wondering about the tax protesters arguement about the income tax for a long time if one assumes that the 16th ammendment waas legally ratified. Below is the link to the arguement for dismissal submitted by a lawyer who purposely got himself arrested for tax evasionin order to have standing to oppose the income tax. It took me all day to read it and I still need to read it again. this was my protest activity for tax day.At first the arguements seem to be frivilous word plays, but in fact they are laying the ground for fundamental and very powerful arguements based solidly on case law and supreme court decicions that are still extant. I am forwarding this to a friend who works for the IRS legal department who may well be involved in the prosecution of case mentioned below by Chris.

It's 84 pages and may take a while. The argeuements go to the heart of what is right and wrong in America, and the time would be well spent.