4th Annual Panel Discussion Yesterday on Sanctuary Cities

Hi All. A very special thanks to Starchild for doing a more-than-able job
on the pro-side. My impression from being in the middle of the two
panelists was that Starchild's arguments were more persuasive and logical,
and Marcy noted afterwards that she felt Starchild won the "debate"
hands-down. A huge thanks to Marcy also for all the help and guidance in
planning the event and publicizing it from beginning to end. An additional
thanks to Nick for trying to transcribe the whole thing (not an easy job
with all the thoughts being thrown around) and the forthcoming write-up
article on the website.

Before we know it, it will be time to start thinking about the 5th Annual
Panel Discussion!


Thanks, Aubrey! With these positive reviews, now I'm bummed we didn't find someone to videotape, lol! But I'm sure Nick will do a good job with a writeup. And thanks to you and Marcy for organizing and printing programs. At first I was concerned we might not get much of a turnout, but people kind of trickled in – I didn't count, but I think we had around 40 or so present.

  By the way, I'd love to learn PowerPoint to be able to add a visual presentation to speaking, if anybody here is willing/able to teach.

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Nice job all….and I agree Starchild was very convincing.