48th US Rep Distirct Special Election Results

The results are in for our peerless leader Bruce Cohen's race for the
48th Congressional District !!!!!!


Just as predicted 3 months ago, less than 1%.

JOHN CAMPBELL (REP) 45719 44.6%
STEVE YOUNG (DEM) 28432 27.7%
JIM GILCHRIST (AI) 25979 25.3%
BRUCE COHEN (LIB) 963 0.9%

In the land of conservatives even the female green party candidate
beat Bruce Cohen soundly. The many LP females who have complained of
Mr. Cohen's demeaning attitude toward women must be tickled pink with
his loosing to a Green Party female. (They probably voted for her)

Another brilliant, stunning, and well earned defeat by our state party
leader Mr. Cohen. His field tested advice and leadership skills he
provides our candidates can now again be measured in his stunningly
consistent percentages.

0.9% All I can say is WOW! Wildly impressive! Amazing!.....
Completely anticipated.

Rarely do our candidates captivate last place as decisively as Mr.
Cohen has achieved in his race to the bottom.

Next time perhaps he will keep his mouth shut, not go to the candidate
forums and refuse to speak to the press and perhaps he can increase
his numbers.

In the mean time he can be proud to continue playing his role as a big
fish in a little pond as one of the
LP-state-party-cult-of-the-anointed. The leadership cult leading us
straight to the grave.

Mr. Bruce Cohen – LP candidate consultant & Loosertarian Extraordinare!

I simply can't wait to hear Mr. Cohen's positive spin on these results.