46) Bob Barr's "emotional distress"

Last Free Voice
by ElfNinosMom

"In 2002, Salon published an article detailing how Bob Barr filed a
$30 million lawsuit against Bill Clinton,Bob Barr Larry Flynt, and
James Carville, claiming 'emotional distress,' on the same day he was
championing a bill that would cap damage awards for pain and suffering
(for everybody else, naturally) at $250,000. As I'm sure you've
already figured out, he didn't win; the lawsuit was dismissed on the
basis that he failed to state a claim upon which relief could be
granted; he appealed the dismissal, and lost again. The dismissal on
appeal was even more embarrassing, since the court determined that he
never even claimed the disparaging information to be false, or stated
with reckless disregard for the truth, or with knowing disregard for
its falsity. Think about this for a minute. He was suing a man he had
impeached and two alleged (but extremely unlikely) conspirators,
unsuccessfully mind you, for causing him emotional distress; yet he
still never once claimed that the dirt they dug up on him (and which
Flynt eventually published) was even false." (05/07/08)