39) A major investment risk: Congress at work

Christian Science Monitor
by Eric Singer

"How much money did you lose last year? If you're like most Americans,
your retirement funds, college savings accounts, and any other
investments tied to stocks suffered greatly. It didn't have to be this
way. You could have followed a simple investment rule that would have
spared you from much of the past year's losses. You could have
invested only when Congress is on vacation. It may sound a little
crazy, but I am totally serious. When Congress works - and by 'works'
I mean 'meddles' -- it destroys wealth. When Congress doesn't work,
wealth grows by itself. ... As government power and influence grow,
the trend has intensified in recent years. From 2000 through 2008, in-
session performance of the S&P is -12.4 percent. The out-of-session
performance: +8.8 percent." [editor's note: Just as the likes of Will
Rogers, H. L. Mencken et alia have been saying for generations! - SAT]