30) Paul's legislative strategy? He'd rather say not

Rather remarkable to have an article on Ron Paul in the Washington Post.

Washington Post
by Libby Copeland

"There have been periods in history when the maverick congressman was
such a rare breed, but this is not one of those periods. Democrats and
Republicans have been quite disciplined in recent years -- when party
leaders say 'jump,' the savvy congressman had better inquire how high.
makes the presence of a politician like Ron Paul something of a
peculiarity. He continually bucks the wishes of Republican leaders -- so
much so, Paul recalls, that once while exhorting every other Republican
vote the party line, then-Speaker Newt Gingrich announced that Ron Paul
exempt. ... Mainstream party platforms are riddled with inconsistencies;
Paul tries to run what he believes is a straight course through every
Smaller government is better. That's why he winds up aligned with the
liberal of Democrats and the most conservative of Republicans."


The three Rs of the Internal Revenue Service: This is ours; that is
ours; everything is ours.

- Phillip's Treasury of Humorous Quotations