3-D Nolan Chart?

  I know "conformist" is a term whose meaning varies depending on the
context. The list below is only a very rough stab at laying out some
ideas. But I don't blame you for reminding me.

It's more than that - even at a particular point in time
"counter-culture" can be composed of a large number of opposing
extremes. For example, even if popular culture one dimensional value,
say religious perspective, (which it certainly isn't), counter-culture
could be on both opposite ends of the spectrum that are far from the
popular culture position - both a radical Islamist and a radical
Atheist might be considered counter-cultural.

  I don't mean "counter-culture" as simply "anything opposed to the
mainstream." That's why it's admittedly an imperfect term -- as stated,
I am not satisfied with any of the pairs of terms mentioned.

Very sound criticism! You may well be right that what I'm getting at
is nothing more than a poor rendering of something like a
analysis of personality types. Though I feel perhaps there is some
merit in the idea of a single personal preference axis related to the
cultural spectrum of culture to counterculture.

I get the impression you'd like to define your/our positions as being
the "counter-cultural" ones and anyone else as being "conformist". Is
this correct?

  No. I think you are reading too much judgment into the terms.

Yours in liberty,
            <<< Starchild >>>

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