3-D Nolan Chart?

I was looking for a study of Nolan Chart responses by age group, and I ran
across this other thing:


Anyone know anything about the Vosem Chart?

And, more importantly, any ideas where I could find evidence regarding
generational differences on the World's Smallest Political Quiz?
Specifically, I'm trying to put together a presentation for the Commonwealth
Club folks about why the real debate in generations X, Y, and beyond will be
between left liberal and libertarian, not left liberal and right conservative.


  I don't know about evidence of generational differences on the WSPQ, but one place you might look for libertarian theories on the debate in future generations could be Virginia Postrel's book "The Future And Its Enemies" might possibly provide some of the kind of information you're looking for (I haven't read it, I'm just guessing).

  If I had to guess at the nature of the debate in future generations though, I would guess that it will be more between libertarian and authoritarian than between libertarian and left-liberal. I suspect that traditional values folks will converge with anti-development environmentalists and anti-globalists to advocate more government control, while those on the left and right who are open to libertarianism will gradually adopt more and more libertarian perspectives.

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