3) CA: Electoral vote-split measure won't make June ballot

San Jose Mercury News

"Republican organizers of a ballot measure to change the way

California distributes its huge trove of electoral votes in

presidential elections announced Thursday that they have given up on

making the June 2008 ballot. Despite a flurry of donations worth

$242,000 in the past week, the California Counts campaign fell short

in time, money and signatures -- but vowed they're still aiming to get

the controversial initiative on the November ballot. ... The measure

would require California to distribute its 55 electoral votes by

congressional districts -- essentially guaranteeing Republicans around

20 electoral votes, or the same number of congressional districts that

President Bush won in California in 2004 - enough to potentially

propel a Republican into the White House." [editor's note: Actually a

reasonably good idea, IF it was done nationwide by Constitutional

amendment instead of as an election-stealing measure by one party in

one big state (Maine and Nebraska already apportion their electoral

votes) - TLK] (12/07/07)