3-9pm TONIGHT Gathering at 350 Divisadero - Medical Cannabis Clinic Closing Due To DEA Threat

Sorry for last minute notice, just saw this today...

When Feb 15, 2008
from 03:00 pm to 09:00 pm

As many of you know by now, the San Francisco Patients' Cooperative at
350 Divisadero Street is being forced to close its doors at the end of
February. The DEA letter is the main culprit. Our landlord regrets
this decision but fears there is no other way to feel safe.

350 Divisadero has never belonged to any one person, but was
founded as a place to share in the experience of building a united
people from a wide variety of individuals. Its closing should not be
viewed as an end to all the good works, but a wake up call.

The Medical Cannabis Community needs a community center of its
own; to house the history, make programs like Harm Reduction, Social
Services Navigation, NA/AA and Social Interaction services available
to those in need, to act as a unifying agent so that we can become a
strong force against those who would oppress us.

We are the most maligned, abused minority in the United States…and
possibly the world. Although we cross all social, economic, racial
and cultural experiences, the common thread of our medical cannabis
use and support of compassionate use binds us to one another in a very
real way.

We are not deviants; we are people who take health and well
being very seriously. We believe in safe access to medicinal cannabis
and the right to choose recommended treatment options for symptomatic
relief. Because of this, we are derided, persecuted, discriminated
against and shunned; treated like criminals for the very lawful act of
following doctors' order.

Our federal government refuses to recognize the truth found
in clinical studies and backed by years of on-site, real-time
observations. Patients find use of medical cannabis and the
patient-to-patient care and advocacy as positive additions to their
health regimen.

Like the plant itself, our government seems determined to eradicate
compassionate use; thereby the very people who need it most.
We are hosting a Unity in our Community gathering at 350
Divisadero on February 15th. We ask all members of our Medical
Cannabis movement to come, speak and help rekindle the flame that
helped bring about the victory Prop 215.

Please let us know if you would like to be part of a Panel or be a
Guest Speaker.

Please circulate the poster below.

Rev. Randi Webster, DSM
Co-Founder, Co-Director