27) Two-dimensional libertarianism

I thought this was an excellent essay. Until the Pride OPH booth last June, I hadn't looked closely at the quiz for a long time, and I didn't like it nearly as well as versions from the 1980s. (I spoke with Advocates about it, and they have changed some of the wording.) But Gregory makes a good case against the two-dimensional Nolan chart.

    Rational Review
    by Anthony Gregory

"If a one-dimensional line with Liberty vs. Power doesn't cover all
the complexities, we need more than two dimensions. We need hundreds,
maybe thousands. There are that many issues in the political world.
We need a supercomputer to put us on a 100-dimensional graph, if we
are to make any sense of every neo-libertarian, paleo-conservative,
New Leftist and retro-liberal school and all their deviations from
each other. If you're going to subdivide all the political issues in
America, why do it into two categories, anyway? If it's more
complicated than liberty vs. power, it might as well be more
complicated than two dimensions." (09/30/04)