21) Random acts of anarchy

The Libertarian Enterprise
by Kent McManigal

"I think it is time for anarchists to take back the term from the
nihilists who have stolen it. Anarchists don't wish to destroy
anything other than the coercive collective of government, and the
slave mind-set that empowers it. I think it would be great fun to have
an 'Anarchy Day.' I have decided to celebrate annually on June 18th,
with a mini-Anarchy Day on the 18th of every month, but there may be
better dates. In northern climes, winter dates might not work too well
for what I have in mind. On our Anarchy Day, each of us individual
anarchists could commit random acts of helpful, public anarchy. Each
of us recognizes, of course, that we all, even the most enthusiastic
statists, live our daily lives in a basic condition of anarchy. It is
the only way that works unless you are in a coma. For one day, I would
like to see us show the rest of the world why anarchism is the only
philosophy that really works; without ordering others around and
stealing from them." (06/22/08)