2011 Exhibitor Booth Spaces Available NOW!

Anyone interested in organizing the Libertarian presence at the 2011 San
Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration? If I've not already moved to NYC by then,
I'll be so neck-deep in moving that I won't be able to be the organizer.


Oh goodness gracious. I will eye ball what needs to be done, and get a magic cart like yours, Rob, to roll in all the booth supplies that are sitting in my clothes closet : - ]


That brings up a good point. The biggest thing on my "magic cart" is the
booth structure. Do you want to go back to borrowing East Bay's, or do you
want mine? I'm happy to donate it to whomever / whatever group is willing
to carry on Libertarian outreach at SF Pride. A new one can be purchased
with side walls for $60 by the way: http://goo.gl/jy3tB but since our
storage space in NYC will be amazingly even more limited than I have now,
I'm happy to leave mine here with someone who will make it available to
Libertarians at SF Pride.


Thank you for the reminder about the booth structure. I would not be able to lug it or store it. All my available storage is already taken up by the booth supplies. I had forgotten also that East Bay used to do the Pride booth with LPSF a while ago. I believe Terry Floyd is on this list, and I wonder if he would let us know if there is interest in East Bay LP to resuming partnering with the Pride Booth.


Okay, no booth structure for Marcy, then. But would you like this folding
table we've used at SF Pride the past couple of years?

And would someone else like the 10'x10' booth structure that we've used for
SF Pride for the past few years? I'm currently looking at selling a bunch
of stuff before my move (pretty much all of my furniture), so I can just add
this to the Craigslist list, but I'd prefer to give it to LPSF or Outright
if someone will store it and make it available to Libertarian SF Pride
organizers each year.

On that note... there seems to be little interest in continuing an SF Bay
Area chapter of Outright Libertarians. Not sure if it's because all of the
youngsters are "post-gay" or what, but bringing activists to that group has
been like pulling teeth. The OutrightSF.org domain is about to expire, and
I'm not sure whether to renew it. Currently, the only place that website is
printed is on the big parade banner, and I don't think there's much interest
in having parade entries anymore. Advice, anyone?



Hi Rob,

You are so right that folks shed their interest in the old; and maybe or not latch on to the new. Maybe the "post gay" contingent has moved on. As an aside, I see that the "anti-war" contingent is also nowhere to be seen. So, I am asking for volunteers to store, and schlep the tent to the Pride Festival, before I volunteer to sign LPSF up for a spot. If no LPSF volunteers, perhaps Students for Liberty or other "new" group might be planning to participate, and LPSF members who wish to be part of Pride could join them.


Hi again Rob,

I forgot to address your question regarding the folding table(s). If no one is willing to adopt those, I will, since they are relatively easy to store and transport.



  Sorry I forgot about this message. What are the dimensions of the
booth when folded up? If small enough, I could take it. I've already
got a folding table. As far as the Pride parade, I'm happy to
participate when I can, but don't particularly want to be the one
organizing, or dealing with all their rules and requirements.

  By the way, if you're getting rid of a bunch of stuff, can you post
here and let people know when the shopping opportunity will be? :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))