20) Paid sick days soon mandatory in San Francisco

Dear UCSF Mike;

And people wonder why the number of new small businesses opening in SF are dropping down. Paid sick leave- increased minimum wages - health insurance - payroll taxes - yippee!! SF is the go to place to open your business. Unh Hunh! That is unless you don't plan on having any employees or use independent contractors.

Let's do the math. Let's see 9 paid sick days times at least 115,000 previously un-covered workers with the average private industry pay in SF at $50,000 that's $25 per hour. $25 per hour times 9 days that's $1800 in pay for not working times 115,000 workers = $207,000,000 out of the pockets of small business employers.

You can do your own math to adjust for other hourly wage rates.

BTW: That $207,000,000 is on top of the estimated $120,000,000 small businesses pay in payroll taxes. So let's see that's a total of some $327,000,000 out of the pockets of small business people. Thanks a lot SF - thanks a lot.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian