12th Congressional District

Speier has the experience best suited to 12th District
San Mateo County Times
Posted: 10/14/2010 05:36:16 PM PDT
Updated: 10/14/2010 07:56:39 PM PDT

U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier has been a principled yet pragmatic advocate for the 12th Congressional District in her two years in the House of Representatives.Speier, whose district includes most of the county's Bayside communities along with Pacifica and the northern Coastside, distinguished herself during 18 years in the California Legislature as a champion for consumer protection, and she has already added to that legacy in Washington. For instance, she pushed for several important provisions in this year's Wall Street reform bill, including the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Speier is highly responsive to her constituents. She has aggressively challenged PG&E over the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion and held "boot camps" for San Mateo County residents who are looking for jobs.
The congresswoman wants to do away with earmarks, but she is practical enough to realize that, until the earmark process is reformed, she must still deliver for her district. As a result, she has created an independent commission to review which projects and organizations are worthy of federal money.
Speier's Republican opponent, Mike Moloney, is a perennial 12th District candidate, a fiery iconoclast whose antiwar views are more Libertarian than Republican. We admire his independence, but he lacks the temperament and experience in public service to succeed in Washington.
Mark Paul Williams, the Libertarian candidate, appears genuine in his desire to help his community. But like Moloney, he has no experience in government, and he is utterly unqualified for the job.
In the 12th Congressional District race, we strongly recommend Jackie Speier.

The person that wrote this article had his head up somewhere. I was expecting to see at the end of the article "Paid for by Jackie Speier for Congress 2010" and the phrase "utterly unqualified" is asinine. Al Franken has shown you don't need experience or intelligence to be in Congress. I have not heard anything about what Ms. Speier is doing about FEMA denying aide to the victims of the San Bruno fire, money that should be here not in Washington so we can decide how best to help your communities. Ms. Speier wants to do away earmarks and create an independent commission to review which projects and organizations are worthy of federal money. So she wants to spend more of our money creating a commission to decide how to spend more of our our money, something else that's asinine. We should be able to take care of are own pigs (pork spending).

Mark Williams