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Obviously we are discussing the corruption and incompetence of elected officials. The solution to the problems they create is the replacement of the officials.

Several persons in SF have told me there is a majority of persons who want better officials but there is only one political operation electing the officials.

This leaves many Democrats sorely disappointed wirh their political operation and most Republicans without any political operation.

As I have mentioned previously, you, Marcy, and some others are the best republicans the Republicans have, doing the politics they want.

In the coming weeks, I'm meeting with a few of these Republicans about investing in an operation for the majority of persons wanting better elected officials. This would include most Republicans, most independents, most Democrats, and most ibertarians.



I am beginning to understand your point about the political operation. But it will take much to convince me that working to elect one brand of politician to replace another will not be exchanging one brand of crooks for another. However, the satisfaction I would get seeing the visibly and openly corrupt progressive machine displaced would probably be worth a batch of new crooks.