1,000 SF Elders Get Monthly Food Boxes CUT!! NOW WHAT!!!

Dear Everyone;
  This article in todays Examiner prompts me to ask SF Libertarians how to solve this problem - TODAY - RIGHT HERE - IMMEDIATELY because it requires an immediate response.
  Based on budget cuts 1,000 SF seniors who receive a monthly food box will have to be cut from the food box program. These are Elders living on - more likely existing on - social security at about $800 - $1000 a month. Think rent food medical etc first and what if anything is left over.
  Question: What can we as tax-cut approving Libertarians propose to do TODAY - RIGHT NOW - to get food boxes to those Elders who will be cut from the program? Or better yet all the 500,000 Elders on the program nationally so $128 million can be cut from the budget.
  BTW I am not interested in hearing what these Elders could have should have didn't of have done so they would be in those circumstances. It is a currently existing situation - discussing past events of what should have been done will not be considered and is immaterial if your are facing going hungry.....
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian